Booking form

Please use this form to book your place on the 2025 Richard Michael Jazz Summer Course. Even if you have attended previously, we still need you to complete and submit the form, please, as a) data protection legislation prevents us from retaining data from previous courses, and b) there may be slight changes to the information we request from you. Many thanks.

Please leave a space between the first five digits of your phone number and the remaining six digits.
Please note that it is generally expected that participants will bring their own instruments. If you are a pianist or a drummer, please respond to question 7a or 7b below as appropriate.
If your vehicle registration changes between booking and the start of the course, please let us know on arrival. This is not necessary if you are just dropping off and picking up at the start and end of each day.
N.B. The level of group discount will be based on the number of bookings received by Friday 23rd May 2025, since we need to calculate and advise the balance due to be paid by 31st May 2025. Members of a group signing up for the course after 23rd May will be eligible for the agreed level of discount as at this date, but the discount cannot be increased from small to large group status (5% to 10%) thereafter.