Testimonials from our 2023 participants

To see our 2023 participants in action, go to YouTube to watch the informal concert on the final day.

The whole course was amazing as usual. I really enjoyed Richard’s – and all the tutors’ – energy and infectious enthusiasm for all things jazz. Stephen, piano

The encouraging and positive support from tutors and participants was welcoming and reassuring. Many thanks for putting a great week together. Hazel, bass

I enjoyed the masterclasses and jamming with others as this helped me achieve new skills and techniques and make new friends within the jazz music scene. Simeon, bass

The piano masterclasses were simply brilliant. Everyone – from relative novice to experienced jazz pianists – was taken forwards in a hugely enjoyable manner. Roy, piano

Listening to the tutors playing in the band, whether at morning warm-up or their concert. The feel of their playing is inspiring. Also Richard’s inventive choice of tunes is often a surprise and gives super ideas of what can be used, i.e., practically anything ! Anonymous participant

What would you change in order to improve the course? Borrow Doctor Who’s TARDIS so that I can go back years and start earlier in life. Anonymous participant

I really felt I learned a lot about playing clarinet in a combo, and about what and how to practice. Leslie, clarinet

I enjoyed learning about a new style of music (after focusing on classical) and how to play it. The teachers are all experts and very approachable. I will be back! Chris, piano

Big band was a pure joy. Jim, baritone saxophone

I enjoyed “the autonomy of a solo” session this year. The transposed music was varied and extremely enjoyable to play. I learned massively from this session. I felt that I was in amongst people who were kind and forgiving, as my mistakes were many. Jim, tenor saxophone